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The Windows Creators Update is the Window to the future

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This is the Windows of the future. This is Windows in 3D. The Windows Creator’s Update coming early 2017 will take gaming, productivity and communication to the next level. The Creator’s update is a signal to developers where the future lies. Microsoft’s earlier roadmap of 3D imagery with Hololens will finally come to life.

3D finally comes to the masses. Just take a photo of an object in real life and port it over to the virtual side. Windows Capture 3D will collect data about the object and transform it into a 3D drawing. Now in steps our good ol’ buddy- Paint, only now, it has superpowers, a magic tool and that will allow you to take that 3D drawing and insert in a digital painting. Yes, the Creators Update finally gives Paint a feature update and it’s big.

Microsoft also brought in a sharing forum ‘remix.3D.com’ to show off your 3D painting skills. Pinterest like inspirtation board will let you collect 3D sketches from the community and save it for later. A doodling tool will also let you convert your 2D doodles into 3D.

And it’s not just Paint where you can harness 3D, it has been let loose all over Windows. Office apps for example. Your boring Powerpoint presentations can now be transformed into a refreshing 3D offering. Make 3D slides in-house inside Powerpoint. Even Microsoft Edge which integrates with Microsoft HoloLens and allows you to bring your 3D paintings to life, well almost. I’m talking lifelike holograms of everything you see on the Internet. Any image on any website can be freed from the screen and brought over to your living room, for example. Scary right?

And even the flipside is possible. You can transport yourself to a virtual world, literally immerse yourself in a virtual space of your own and watch, say your weekly football games on a giant screen. Or go on a HoloTour, a mixed reality vacation trip to any place in the world.

HoloLens will come to life through OEM VR headsets from HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Asus, starting from $299.

Now, Windows is a popular platform for gamers no doubt. And for them, Microsoft has given native support to game broadcasting through Beam, a new broadcasting technology that will enable gamers to broadcast their games with just pressing windows key+ G or access it through the Game Bar in your Task Bar. Join clubs on Beam and broadcast to an interested audience. What’s more, people watching your stream will be able to shout suggestions. So the next time you forget to collect a collectible, your audience will give you a good earful about it! This also means anyone can create their own gaming tournaments which can then be broadcast to an audience.

The Creators Update will also change the way we interact with people on Windows. A People Bar on the TaskBar will show you your recent contacts and you can drag and drop files and apps and photos and videos (you get the drift..) to your people, without even having to open a third-party app. Click on the faces and you can access your communication with them on multiple apps. Skype, Emails, Facebook, etc. Your favorite contacts will also be able to reach out to you through ‘Shoulder Taps’, which are basically short messages or emojis (even the customized 3D ones) that will pop up on your desktop.

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