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The GetMeAShop app helps startups to start up.

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E-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon and Snapdeal employ thousands of designers and programmers to get their websites look so polished and user-friendly. Their websites almost seem to respect the product they are selling. They have multiple images, sprawling descriptions and micro-classifications. But what if you could have a website with all those features and more, in just five steps?

That’s exactly what GetMeAShop (GMAS) aims to do with their newly launched GetMeAShop BizManager app. It aims to rope in small and medium businesses to create and maintain an online platform for their products. Entrepreneurs can make use of this free app to market their product, conduct transaction and study trends and analytics.

GMAS itself is a startup that enables other startups to start up.

Once you install the app and follow the easy-enough login process (by just logging in from your Facebook or Google account), you will be presented with five steps to get your online platform up and running.

The first step is the most obvious. You setup your store. Fill in details about your business, name your store, put in the address and some contact info and you have the online store ready.

As for the second step, you add categories to your products. Businesses these days don’t sell just one product, but a multitude of them. Check Flipkart and you will notice the long list of categories and sub-categories of products that they have. The second step is all about that. Once this step is completed, 20 per cent of your job is done.

Next comes the products themselves. You define the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) which is nothing but a title for your product, something better than ‘The Yellow T-shirt’. Apart from this, you need to fill in a short description of the product, name the price and additional discounts on it along with the amount of stock. You can also choose how you want to accept payments for the products, whether through debit/credit cards or cash on delivery- all up to you. Lastly, you need to add the images. The app lets you upload up to 10 images.

With these three steps completed, you are now mostly done. All you have to do now is sync all this new data to the server, which takes a bit of time.

After it’s all set and running, you can access the dashboard which will let you see the real-time analytics of the device. In the dashboard, you can see your visitor analytics, get sales reports, inventory list as well as receive real-time notifications on key metrics every day.

But this isn’t all. The app has over 300 available themes to choose from for your store. You also create your own theme.

Once set up, you will receive instant notifications for orders and inquiries. With the GMAS app, you can carry your online portal just about anywhere.

The app also lets you manage your marketing needs. You can send SMS and Email marketing campaigns, promote your products on Twitter and Facebook and run promotions on the website through discounts across categories or on individual products.

The GetMeAShop BizManager app is a godsend for those looking to start a new business online. With the app installed, you don’t need the services of a dedicated web designer or a programmer to get on the internet to start selling goods. The app is available both on Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

(Disclaimer: GetMeAShop is owned by Times Internet Limited)


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