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Thank the lord! A version of Chrome for Android is being tested for one-handed use

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With phones getting bigger and bigger and our hands staying more or less the same, one-handed navigation of a smartphone is getting extremely difficult these days. While Android phonemakers are simply channeling the demand for larger screens, it is up to the app makers to ensure their apps can be used one-handed. And Google, like always, is leading the way.

Android Police reports that Google is testing a version of Chrome for Android that put the navigation controls at the bottom of the screen. A rather simple change, but can go miles to enable one-handed web browsing.

All this while, our thumbs needed to stretch itself to its farthest limits to type in a simple web address, or even to switch tabs. With navigation buttons on the bottom, the poor thumb can rest easy.

Android Police managed to grab a screenshot of the testing version which clearly shows the address bar and the tab switch option on the bottom. But there is still a blank space on the top at the place where the navigation options would normally be.

Google may be taking a leaf out of Apple’s Safari browser for iPhones which although keeps the address bar and refresh button on top, controls like forward, backward and tab switching are at the bottom of the screen. Same with the mobile version of Microsoft’s Edge browser where the browser controls are all at the bottom.

The change is still under testing and it is unclear whether Google will actually go ahead with placing the controls at the bottom.


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