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Researchers Figure Out The Age Of Users Based On Their Instagram Habits

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Cat’s outta the bag, folks. Your Instagram habits can now let researchers pinpoint your age, mental or otherwise. Did you happen to delete the photos that wasn’t liked by many of your followers? Chances are, you are teenager.

That’s what a set of research papers on social media behavior from Pennsylvania State University concludes, among other things. Associate professor Dongwoon mentioned to The Atlantic that the habit of going back and deleting the photos that didn’t do well in the social media is a common practice among teens because they happen to crave for popularity and are conscious of the number of likes they get on their photos.

The studies also found that teenagers are more likely to comment and like more photos than people who are older. But they also don’t post that many photos, as compared to their older counterparts. While adults posts have a broader range of interests, teen posts usually spoke about their “moods or personal well being.”

Also, a ‘like’ on Instagram is lesser weightage as compared to a similar reaction on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook or Twitter likes meant more, anything between “I like your tweet” to “I saw this and now I’m ending this conversation.”

The research was focussed on Instagram and its half a billion user base, as the platform was the easiest to work with, out of all the major social platforms.

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