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Reasons to go Electric!

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Electric cars have been around way longer than you think. In fact, in the 1890’s, they were the most popular form of transport. It’s interesting to think of the shape that the Automobile Industry would have taken had we not switched over to gasoline as the primary fuel. Over the last few years, we have seen a resurgence in interest towards Electric Vehicles, not only because of the environment benefits but also because of greater integration with technology. The ability of an electric vehicle to integrate seamlessly with everyday consumer devices like a smartphone give it an edge over conventional cars. It’s better to think of them as a gadget, one that enriches our everyday life.

Convenience has always been a priority in Mahindra’s electric car experience. The company has been at the forefront of the electric car movement in India since 2010 and the latest in the range, the e2oPlus is the perfect blend of convenience and technology, offered in an attractive package. The key advantages of owning an e2oPlus over a standard fuel powered vehicle are many, they can be broadly summarized in the following categories:

1. The Environment

In an age where every breath guarantees impurities flooding our lungs, it’s important to think of the consequences of the cars we drive. Tailpipe emissions are by far the worst offenders, sending dangerous, toxic fumes rippling through the atmosphere. An Electric Car boasts of zero tailpipe emissions which makes sure you don’t add to the burden and the e2oPlus delivers exactly that.

2. Silent Running

Driving an electric car such as the e2oPlus has another advantage. Since there is no engine in this car, the drive is extremely quiet. A great plus in our chaotic and noisy cities of today.

3. Integration with consumer devices

The e2oPlus smartphone app allows you to control various aspects of the car, such as remote locking or air conditioning, along with providing detailed analytics of the car’s information. Everything from performance metrics to charging schedules is available through a single touch on an app.

​​4. Real-time Problem solving

On board computers monitor the performance and health of the car in real-time which means the data can also be tracked directly by Mahindra experts, who in turn, can preempt issues or (often) fix them remotely.

5. Innovative techniques for some extra charge

The e2oPlus charges the battery each time you hit the break or take your foot off the accelerator. This is known as regenerative braking; it converts the kinetic energy that the car generates into electric energy adding extra miles to your range while you drive.

The e2oPlus also offers a facility for emergencies, if you ever run out of charge with no charging point in sight. With the patented REVive technology, you can add a few extra miles to your car, just by choosing the option on your e2oPlus app. This will be enough to help the vehicle reach home or the closest charging point.

Just like how our lives are made easier with the various advancements in technology, Mahindra Electric manages to capture these progressions and adapt them into their automobiles as well. The other all-electric cars in Mahindra Electric’s portfolio include – the electric sedan eVerito, the eSupro goods carrier and the eSupro passenger van.


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