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Prisma For iOS Is Making Van Goghs Out Of Everyone

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Forget Instagram. Move aside VSCO. And the less we talk about Photoshop, the better. Because artificial intelligence has found a new victim to infect with its superior algorithms and knowledge. A new iOS app, Prisma is making use of deep learning techniques and artificial intelligence to transform smartphone photos into works of arts to the likes of Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali.

Upload a photo or take one with the app, and apply one of the 33 available filters to hail what was just a blurry smartphone photo into a masterpiece worthy of putting up on the hallowed halls of a museum.

Piggybacking on the popularity of Instagram filters, Prisma aims to give photos a fresh look every time its edited. While normal photo filters only apply a shade or tweak the lights and color, Prisma filters apply neural networks on the cloud to extract the style from an artwork and apply it on the photo. The end result, is a rendition of a professional artist- fresh, immersive and trippy.

Earlier, the filters used to graphically overlay the styles on the photos, to transform them into Instagram-worthy posts. But Prisa’s core-tech is something different. Tech Crunch reports, Prisma uses neural networks stored on their servers to process the photos anonymously. It only uses the photo as one of the two data inputs, the other being the artwork Prisma is taking the style from, while recreating the filter completely from a blank canvas. The entire processing is done on the cloud, but the servers don’t keep any records of the photos you upload. Heck, it can’t even recognize the format it’s uploaded in.

Prisma is offering some 30 filters based on the styles of master artists like Van Gogh, Edward Munch, Picasso and the likes. It is an app developed in Russia and has been launched in over 25 countries with over 1.2 million downloads already. Because of Instagram, there is no dearth of unique content for the app to process, and it has been happily transforming pet photos, lunches and selfies into beautiful, intricate and endearing pieces of art.

Prisma will be getting its Android release by the end of this month with plans to move to video and GIFs soon. You can download the app from the Apple App Store here.

Image Source: prismaap.org

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