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OnePlus Two Smartphone launch: What we know so far

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After the resounding success of OnePlus One, the start-up is now all set to unleash its second avatar flagship product expected to be called as OnePlus Two. The company has teased about ‘Change’ slated for June 1 which is just a few days away now.

Ever since the introduction of OnePlus One, users across the globe have been bowled over by this smartphone. It is in every way a high-end product but it has been priced at much lower price than competition. But things have changed now, hence it’s time for flagship-killer to attain its successor and that’s exactly what we are expecting to get with the Two. It may not sound as logical as OnePlus One but still who’s really worried about the name right now.

Here’s what we already know about the OnePlus Two or so we think.

Two will get the same size as One

While it was easy to ridicule the OnePlus One for its form size but turns out that’s really what everyone wants these days. So, it’s easy to understand behind OnePlus strategy to stick with the same form size for the Two as well. 5.5-inch with a better display resolution could just be the right upgrade from One to Two.

Full-HD transforms into 2K

If the proposition of full-HD display for less than Rs 22K got you drooling then in all probability OnePlus Two might just become even better. The 1920x1080p resolution will get bumped up to 2560×1440 aka 2K quality which is the standard flagship benchmark these days. Almost every high-end device comes equipped with it and so OnePlus Two deeming itself another flagship-killer should possess similar traits.

Going for the Snapdragon 810

Most tech companies have refrained from integrating the latest octa-core Snapdragon 810 to their devices, OnePlus has refused to put the blame on Qualcomm and decided to use the much maligned SoC for the OnePlus Two. Heating issues have been extensively reported across all corners but that hasn’t deterred Carl Pei and Co. from sticking to its guns. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite them; after all fortune favours the brave.

Same camera with lot more power

We really won’t mind being proven wrong on this one but there’s a good possibility that OnePlus Two might carry the same megapixel count as its predecessor. However, there’s hope that the company will definitely fine-tune its snappers (front and back) with improved sensors and better software tweaking to enhance the quality of images clicked from the camera to greater heights once again.

Dual-SIM will add to the fun of Two

OnePlus decided to keep things simple with the One by adopting single-SIM model but as things stand, people are more likely to prefer a dual-SIM device. And keeping that in mind, OnePlus could do everyone a huge favour by rolling out a dual-SIM 4G compatible product in the form of OnePlus Two.

Long the Two may continue

OnePlus One quietly managed to stand out on the battery front as well, among many other features that it has in tow. You can easily garner over a day’s use out of the phone which goes up to 2 days if used rather judiciously which isn’t expected from everyone. It all comes down to if OnePlus Two can retain the strengths of OnePlus One and still become better.

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Huge challenge but if anyone can deliver up to this promise then it’s the brand from China which is set to rule the roost in Indian market for years to come.


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