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Now A Mobile App To Warn You Against Terror Attacks

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The French government on Wednesday launched a mobile phone application that allows people to be kept constantly informed of terrorist attacks and how to proceed if involved.

The application, called ‘Alert System and Information of Population’ starting Friday, can be downloaded free and will be active indefinitely, although it is being launched to coincide with Euro 2016 which will begin on June 10 in France, EFE news reported.

The application, according to the French Interior Ministry’s statement, allows the user to receive alerts on predetermined areas and then notified in case of danger in his locality if he activates the geographical position.

The ministry stated that the primary objective of this new service will be soccer fans in the designated areas for spectators, or people living near stadiums, where matches will be held.

The ministry urged everyone to download the application.

(Image Source: citizen.co.za)

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