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Here’s everything we expect from the Windows 10 event tonight

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Microsoft is all geared up for is event that will be held in New York City and this affair might most likely be around the software, with major updates in and around the operating system. Timed at 10 AM EDT (7:30PM IST), Wednesday, there will be most importantly the Windows 10 update along with ne Surface devices along with a new Paint app. You can watch the live stream of the event here.

New Software Updates

The big focus of this event will be Windows 10 and Microsoft will be planning to launch two major updates, out of which the first update that will be launched in the first half of 2017 codenamed “Redstone 2”, while the second update would be “Redstone 3” that might be showcased late in the other half of 2017. We could also acknowledge the release date of the soon to launch “Redstone2” update, as Microsoft as it is has revealed several previews builds to the part of people who are on Windows Insider programme. Apart from the new feature known as “HomeHub” that controls smart devices, the company might also bring its Holographic shell on Windows 10 PS’s, which is still not known how it functions on laptop PCs or desktops.

All-in-one Desktop Computer

Most of all the biggest highlight of the event will be the new Surface device, which typically is the all-in-one (AIO) desktop computer and Microsoft is also likely to reveal something that just might be an iMac competition. The AIO is expected to feature in three screen sizes of 21-inches, 24-inches, and 27-inches. You could totally expect a stylus support for the touch screen, with an ability to create 3D objects and Holograms.

New Microsoft Paint app and Cross-platform Gaming

Getting down to Microsoft’s Paint app, we might see some more utility tools with support of 3D objects that might benefit artists and developers that work on company’s augmented reality platform HoloLens. The event might even touch on topics like cross-platform gaming across Windows 10 and Xbox, as Microsoft will be releasing its new Project Scorpio gaming consol next year.

Surface Laptops, Cortana Update and HomeHub

Rumours have it, that the company will also be launching new Surface laptops, as in recent times there have been reports of trademark filings on names like Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and Dial. We will also be witnessing new updates on Cortana with ‘human parity’ speech recognition system. Reports also suggest that there might be an Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor known as HomeHub, which will feature new voice activated speakers that will be controlled via Cortana.


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