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Google’s Allo app updated with Fantastic Beasts stickers and smart emojis

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If you thought Google Allo can’t get any more personal, think again. With the latest update, Google’s AI-powered Allo messenger can now help you pick that perfect sticker or emoji to convey your emotion. In addition, the messenger now comes with an exclusive “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sticker pack along with new themes.

Smart Smiley in Google Allo helps users pick and send the perfect sticker or emoji based on the sentiment of the conversation. After you finish typing the message, tap on the Smart Smiley button and Allo will bring you suggestions of relevant emojis and stickers to convey the thought. For example, if you are talking about having dinner with your family, Allo will suggest food emojis and stickers to finish the sentence. And it’s not just functionality. When you type, “see you later”, Allo will spring an Alligator emoji to go with that, to keep your cool quotient high.

Also, Allo now comes with a variety of themes to choose from. Different colours and patterns like “watermelon” or “sorbet” can now adorn your chat screen.

What’s more, Allo now offers the option of downloading exclusive “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” stickers featuring characters and creatures from the upcoming Warner Bros. film from the Harry Potter franchise.

It is also easier now to download new sticker packs. Now, you just simply have to tap on a sticker sent by a friend in chat to download it directly from the sticker marketplace.

Google’s Allo messenger launched earlier this year. Available for iOS and Android, the messaging app comes with Google Assistant, Google’s own digital assistant that can be summoned while on a chat with a friend to help out using Google’s array of capabilities.


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