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Google Assistant now has a new ally- IFTTT

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Google’s AI-based digital butler Google Assistant has been touted to be the best among all the three major voice-based digital assistants out there in the market- Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. It’s natural language processing even in a noisy environment is something no other assistant has been able to match. Moreover, the assistant makes use of Google’s knowledge graph which gives it infinitely more power to dish out random facts directly.

But now, the Google Assistant now has a new ally which promises to take its capabilities to dizzying heights. The Google Assistant is now integrated with IFTTT, the renowned contex-based automation app.

Even before Google released the Assistant SDK for the developers, IFTT has opened up a Google Assistant Channel on its app that enables users to make use of the Google Assistant-powered Google Home speaker for automating various tasks. With the help of the channel, Google Assistant can now integrate with various third-party IoT devices like Philips Hue as well as web services like Facebook, Todoist, and the likes.

IFTTT currently supports over 375 devices and services and all of them can be integrated with the Google Assistant, shooting the utility of the digital assistant through the roof and well into space.

IFTTT gets things done through something called ‘Recipes’ which are nothing but the context that puts the automation to work. For example, you can create a recipe for uploading the image on Google Drive every time you take a photo. Like this, multiple chains of context can be created and tweaked to your liking and then executed without having to worry about it.

Integrating IFTTT to Google Assistant which is still in its infancy and only in devices like the Pixel phones and Google Home, is surely going to make the case stronger for the Assistant to come to other devices as well.


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