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Did Twitter steal the MacBook’s thunder at the Apple event yesterday?

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The futuristic MacBook Pros weren’t the only OMGs in yesterday’s Apple event. Twitter somehow managed to sneak in and hogged quite a bit of the limelight.

Twitter which has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons pulled a surprise at all of us. Apple CEO Tim Cook invited Twitter’s Product Manager Ryan Troy to demo the Twitter app for Apple TV. And Twitter dropped a bomb of an app, that is surely going to make all the disappointed investors look up to the microblogging site once more.

But they will be surprised once more when they realize Twitter has stopped being only a microblogging site since yesterday. The Twitter Apple TV app revealed the company’s seriousness to get on board live streaming live content. The demo was of a live NFL sports game (y’know, what ‘Mericans call football) being streamed on the Twitter app on a big TV screen. And right beside the streaming window is the live feed of intense Twitter discussions about the game. You join in to the conversation straight on your TV, with the Siri remote, instead of whipping out your phone and firing away your micro-opinion for the masses to see and appreciate and troll.

Twitter played it smart with this move. 140 characters was becoming too constricted a space for Twitter to really flourish. It thought, if people are using the platform to rant about what’s going in their television screen, why not just jump right into the television screen and make it all the more easier!

If there weren’t enough tweets about every mundane occurring in the world, this new feature will take it over the roof. And no one will be happier more than Twitter itself. The app was a runaway success in the social media platform when it first launched in 2006 but over time its growth started dwindling. Heck, the force was strong over rumors of it being up for sale to the highest bidder. Top execs were giving up on the platform. Every other day, news about layoffs topped the news charts. But hopefully, all that might change after yesterday’s unveiling.

The pivot happened when Twitter acquired the rights to broadcast the US Presidential Debates of the ongoing helluva election season. And now, Twitter is aiming for the global masses with streaming rights for sports content.

I’d give anything to watch my weekly Premier League matches side by side with reading the best reactions about Manchester United’s woeful league run on my giant-ass television screen. We all will. It makes our lives so much easier. Even smartphone companies will breathe a little easy with all that battery being saved by not taking out our phone and tweeting every second about the match. Twitter knows it. And Twitter has gone ahead and done something about it.

Good job, Twitter. Rest a li’l easy now. Also, you really didn’t have to murder Vine in such a gruesome way.


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