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Dear Microsoft, please give Outlook the ‘Undo Send’ feature

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Earlier this month when Google refined its undo-send mail feature with 10-30 second window, it was seen as a move in the right direction. The possibility of controlling outgoing mail might sound too good to be true but that’s how it has been made via Gmail.

How many times have you sent mails to the wrong person, just because your mailing list suggested a wrong person? If you have lost the count on that then undo send option is the god-send boon that you have been deprived off till date. But this is only Gmail we’re talking about, what about the others like Mozilla Thunderbird or the very popular mail client, Microsoft Outlook.

Surely if Google can do something like this for Gmail then Microsoft has the means to build itself something on the same lines and that’s the minimum we expect from a brand competing in the top sphere of technology brands. The reason to have an undo option for Outlook makes a lot of sense, as the chances of mail-mishaps (that too at an official capacity) are higher and job threatening. Sure, there is a Recall feature in Outlook and frequent users of this mail client are well versed with it but one needs to make it as efficient as the undo mail on Gmail.

So, Microsoft if you can just add this bit to your Outlook mailing client that would be helpful. And this plea comes to you from someone who’s made the blunder, just too often for anyone’s liking out there.


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