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5 Personal Finance Apps To Manage Your Expenses Efficiently

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They say money can’t buy happiness, but it sure feels good when we have a little left over after pouring our hard-earned cash in food, travel, housing and entertainment at the end of the month. Managing one’s money doesn’t come easy to everyone. It’s difficult to control the outflow of cash in desired limits to desired avenues and more often than not, we end up spending more on that smartphone that our budget would’ve permitted. With these android apps, tracking your expenses and managing your money gets a lot easier and intuitive.

1. Money Lover

This feature-rich app has been garnering rave reviews and has even bagged the coveted Editor’s Choice award. Money Lover for Android is designed to help you understand where your money goes, so you can spend more effectively. The app has an expense tracker where you just have to input the category and punch in the amount, a budget planner which is weekly, monthly and yearly. The app will also send you detailed reports of your expenses along with visualizations. The best thing about this app, is that it syncs across various devices, so your data is available to you at all times. You can even create a separate section to track special expenses such as during a vacation or while travelling.

2. Money View

Your entire personal finance has never been easier to manage when using this android app. Featuring automated data entries, the Money View app takes away all the hassles of having to manually punch in your expenses. The app scans your SMSes for messages involving financial transactions. It supports almost every bank of India and also auto-categorizes your expenses. There is a bill tracker and Bill management section which sends you timely reminders for paying your bills. You can also manage shared expenses like shared apartment expenses with your roommates or a vacation with friends. With Money View, stay on top of your expenses.

3. MTrakr

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Ever felt like hiring a professional accountant to help keep track of your multiple bank accounts, credit/debit cards and loans? MTrakr for Android is here to do just that. It is a highly secure app which analyzes your text messages to keep a track of your transactions. Apart from this, you can store and organize your receipts and bills like your medical bills, ID Documents and other paperwork to access anywhere on the go. The app also goes a step further by giving the option of tracking those minute expenses which cannot be tracked through SMSes. Just click a photo of the invoice/bill/receipt and the app will autmatically register the expense in a specific catergory and link it to your document.

4. Financial Calculator

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Often times, we are stumped by the sheer number of formulaes for calculating your taxes, EMIs, Credit Card dues and the likes. Make use of this handy financial calculator to get on top of any complex financial calculation. The app features investment calculators for checking your Returns on Investments, Compound Interest, TVM,etc; Loan/Mortgage Calculators for simplying mortgage-related decisions; Retirement Calculator for analyzing your savings; Credit Card Calculators to understand how much you have due. Apart from these, there are other much-needed calculators such as a currency converter, tip calculator, discount calculator, etc. The app may not look good but it’s useful as hell when trying to navigate through the ocean of data vying for your attention.

5. IOU

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Man is a social animal, and being social means borrowing/lending things including money. With IOU (aka I Owe You), manage your debts of things and money. Keep a record of all the things you have borrowed or lent to your friends, cowokers or roommates. You can track your borrowings/lendings, partial payments, payoff dates and even the debts you have settled. Set automatic email reminders, so that you don’t have to be that jerk who forgets to pay back money you had borrowed in a hurry.


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